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Thursday, November 16, 2017 01:25 PM Write a comment

Chciałbym zapytać, czy istnieje możliwość wglądu w rozpisane drzewo Dobrzańskich ze zdjęcia [] ?

Z mojej strony mogę zaoferować rozpisanych Dobrzańskich z okolic Brzeska i Jasienia.
Proszę o kontakt;] Pozdrawiam, Michał Dobrzański.

Michał Dobrzański Monday, January 29, 2018 09:32 PM
Hello Michael,
I mean exactly this image: [] taken during meeting in Dobra in 2015.

And about the Dobrzański family I've got only informaction from church records in Jasień Brzeski, Małopolskie, Poland. For about 2 years I was looking for anything about any Dobrzański in parish of Jasień. About 95% of them are related to each other (and my ancestors also come from this branch). There are also 2 little branches of the Dobrzański family in Jasień. One belongs to "Magnificus Dominus Stanisław Dobrzański de Jasień", another to Peter from Jasień who emigrated to Nowa Wieś Szlachecka in parish of Liszki, Małopolskie, Poland. I didn't find any connection between "my" branch and their yet.

My paternal line is:
Jan Dobrzański (my grandfather, born 1919), son of Józef (born 1891), son of Tomasz (born 1856), son of Walenty (born1817), son of Jakub (born 1796), son of Franciszek (born 1761), son of Wojciech.

During second WW my grandfather met with Henryk "Hubal" Dobrzański (near Kock, in Sep. 1939). They agreed they are from one family. Also my grandfather remembered (I don't have any clue how and where did this information came from) that my part of the Dobrzański family cames from common ancestors from Dobra as an old noble family.

I only have some scans from Jasień (church records). During exploration of site, I found pictures from 2015 year meeting. One of them presents table-big genealogy tree of the Dobrzański family; and that's the picture I am asking about.

Some months ago I asked in gestbook at site about any clues about my ancestors but there was no answer.

I hope you may have acces to the genealogy tree I'm asking or contact to someone who can have.

Thansk for your answer. I attach all known descendands of Wojciech Dobrzański - the dead ones.
Michał Dobrzański.

Michał Dobrzański Monday, January 29, 2018 09:57 PM
All known descendants of Wojciech Dobrzański - The dead ones: [Potomkowie Wojciecha Dobrzańskiego.pdf]
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