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1) Pepe Guerra 
Barcelona, Spain Location
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Thursday, February 1, 2018 07:40 PM Write a comment

Dear Jan,

Thank you for your kind and warm email. I am sorry not to have posted a comment earlier on the website; something that has been coming to my mind all along the year. It has been a very intense period, where I have been able to learn a lot and to adapt to a new environment. That is what has been preventing me to find the time that this requires. Firstly, I have to say that your heartfelt words moved me. I believe that this way of living makes the difference in the world… The generations that will come after you will undoubtedly appreciate the work you have done, for what they will have a great example of gratitude and uninterested service. Unfortunately, things in Spain are a bit difficult when it comes to heritage. The civil war that my grandparents lived 80 years ago has left its footprint in the country, threatening the conservation of personal and common heritage. In this sense, I think that the Civil War violence is somehow similar to what Poland has often suffered. Nevertheless, when violence comes from the confrontation of brothers, it becomes even more painful. That is, I believe, one of the reasons why genealogy is not something respected in Spain. Lots of archives were burnt during the war, and is difficult to trace back history. Plus, is often caricatured or seen as quijotesque (from Don Quijote, Cervantes’ main work on the dreams and adventures of a simple man that believes to be a knight). An attitude that only shows belittlement and praise to ignorance… I have learnt a lot while researching about my ancestors. We are all quite similar at the end of the day, and this helps to understand oneself even better. That is one of the main reasons why I have chosen Kierkegaard as one of the main authors that influence my thesis. For him, self-improvement can only be built upon self-recognition; this is, to recognize one’s past and, hopefully, accept it. When I saw your website I was shocked by the pictures with family and friends around large family trees; that’s to celebrate history and love! We are always seeing war’s commemorations, but few or no commemorations of the loving side of history, which is seen in families.

To read about the history of your family, your grandfather and you has also been very moving. Also, the history of your father is very representative of the history of center Europe of the last century. Thank-you for sharing it with me. I hope one day you can fulfill your desires of testing chromosome. In any case, you already have that certainty inside you, and that is what worths all the work done. I would also hope I can go to Dobra if we find some kind of certainty about our links with the town, and, eventually meet (although I believe that living in Canada makes things slightly more difficult). In any case, the idea of having found a possible origin of Francisca and tracing her to Demkowicz of Dobra who during napoleonic wars found himself in Spain, is very gratifying. I am happy to have found you, and the website, and I thank you a lot for the work. I wish you a very happy and fulfilling stay in Poland with your family, full of joy and love.

With my warmest regards, Pepe
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