Census (Lustracya) of Dobra- 1565

Dobra, a village by the river San, where all the gentry live, having abundance of land, well populated, and abundance of fields and forests and pastures and meadows. Great land, on which this village had been settled was given by King Wladyslaw in anno Domini 1402 to his servicemen, under condition that three horsemen with mounts from this village would serve continuously at the Castle of Sanok, as needs of Sanok Lord Subprefect pro tempore existenti may be; according to the act of the Parliament, and in any war, with Sanok Lord Subprefect they shall ride according to their custom, for many years. After successu temporis, they paid to buy back continuous service that was due, ut praemissum est, to the Castle, except war time ( since as some gentry known from it that not only for war, but as well for all other needs, must pay liberty rent, with Lord Subprefect as well as with the Subprefect deputy, they rode to the Hungarian borders ), but continuous service that is those three men, who had to live at the Castle, used to be sent with the list to select rams and pigs, to supervise conscripts, etc., buying back they had to pay every year ten "grzywna" to the Sanok castle, and at the time of need, when they were called for from the Castle, they rode, though, and they kept paying that liberty rent until this year. At the Parliament session in Piotrkow, anno Domini 1565 they obtained the privileges of liberty from such a rent ad relationem reverendi domini Petr(i) Miskowski, r. P. vicecan., cum ea conditione, [under condition] that at time of forming of gentry voluntary troop, the nobles of this village shall send to war only four mounted, and before that they used to send for each war not only four mounted, but also each of them used to serve as was the custom of polish nobility, and if their deeds were greater, it is up to His Majesty recognition.

Hrushevsky, Mykhailo II. 288


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