News of Poland and Ukraine - May 21, 1997

Reconciliation and Understanding, but no Apology, no Forgiveness

At a hall filled with students from the Taras Shevchenko University in Kiev, Presidents Leonid Kuczma and Aleksander Kwasniewski signed a mutual declaration of understanding and reconciliation. The text speaks of events weighing on their common histories, from the wars of the 17th century, of "the blood of Poles spilled in Volynia in 1942-43" and of the action on the Vistula (the forced resettlement of Ukrainians in Poland in 1946-47). "We pay homage to the innocent murdered, to the Poles and Ukrainians who died and those who were forcibly resettled. We condemn the perpetrators of their suffering."

    From the English edition of Donosy

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