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This web site is devoted to the history of the village of Dobra Szlachecka and Dobra Rustykalna, since 1949 Dobra, Poland.

  From a poem by Juliusz Slowacki

Previous meetings
  Meeting of Dobra 2015
  2002 meeting of former inhabitants of Dobra
  2000 meeting of former inhabitants of Dobra
  1997 meeting of former inhabitants of Dobra
  1992 meeting of former inhabitants of Dobra
  1991 meeting of former inhabitants of Dobra

  Inhabitants of Dobra until 1947

Dobrzanski coat of arms
  Sas  &  Leliwa
  Boniecki Armorial
  Uruski Armorial

History of Dobra
  Short history of the village (in English)
  Historian Linniczenko on Dobrzanskis, AGZ
  Medieval history by Wojciech Hejnosz (in Polish)
  Ius Ruthenicale by Wojciech Hejnosz about medieval Dobra
  Family of Dobryansky in Sianky land in the XV – first part of XVII century
  Account of 1947 by Stefan Nisiewicz (in Ukrainian)
  Hrushevskyj - ukrainian nobility in Xv -XVI c. (in Polish)
  Hrushevskyj - ukrainian nobility in Xv -XVI c. (in English)
  People of Dobra talk in July 1997 (in Polish)
  Dobra's people in courts in XV century (in Polish)
  A priest gives his view in a letter to America
  Statute of Commercial Consumer Cooperative “Samopomoc” (Self-Help) in Dobra Szlachecka
  Registration record of Kasa Stefczyka credit union in Dobra Szlachecka
  Military tribunal in Cracow in 1947 - files in IPN in Cracow
  Population exchange between Poland and Soviet Ukraine 1946
  Aplications for exemption from evacuation to the USSR in 1946
  Operation Vistula 1947
  Jaworzno concentration camp
  A list of people of Dobra interrogated in prisons after 1945
  Some Dobra people in Arolson Archive, International Center on Nazi Persecution, Germany

Important documents
  Privileges from king Wladyslaw Jagiello
       English translation
  Lustracya (census) of 1565 (in Polish)
       Lustracya (census) of 1565 (in English)
  Poczet Szlachty Galicyjskiej, Lviv 1857
       Brief description in English
  Index of marriages in the parish of Dobra Szlachecka (greek catholic) for the years 1777-1862
  Excerpts from Dobra's Matrimonial records
  Certificate of Nobility 1861
  1931 confirmation of the nobility papers
  Austrian Census of Dobra of 31.12.1900
  Census of 1921
  Sanok Court 1929
  Church Census of 1936
  Dobra statistics: 1 January 1939, Volodymyr Kubijowycz
  The Polonization of the Ukrainian Nobility
  Marriage and other records of Greek Catholic Parish in Dobra Szlachecka from The State Archive in Przemysl
  Records of genealogy for Dobra (Best source for Dobra genealogy research)
  Materials on genealogy of people from Dobra
  Postal Telegraph, January 14, 1944
  Ellis Island Records of Immigrants from Dobra
  Saved from the ashes
  Pages from an unknown book
  Pages from another unknown book
  Nisiewicz and Hnatusko Dobrzanski in a 1765 document
  Non Jewish People of Dobra in Auschwitz
  Ksiegi metrykalne Dobrej Szlacheckiej w Salt lake City, Utah
  Certification of Nobility: Dobrzanski and Popiel
  Demkowicz or Demkowicz Dobrzanski - 1840 Document
  Family and property of some Dobrzanski of the nineteenth century (Collection of A. Czolowski)
  Some XVIII c. documents from the village archive
  Files on inheritance cases and court municipality (1723-1796)
  Volodymyr Nisiewicz of Kosova, Ukraine research on Dobra.

Where did they all go
  Jagiello in Central Park, New York
  Dobrzanski from Hucisko
  Saga of Hubal Dobrzanskis by Ewa Zarzycka from Lódz presented to Lucas Hubal Dobrzanski of Bakersfield, CA.
  Olyphant, PA, USA
  Scranton, PA 1900 Census
  Chicago, IL, USA

Dobra and it's people on the Internet
  State Archive of Przemysl
  Biskup Aleksander Dobrzanski
  Dobriansky-Demkovych, Mykhailo
  plk Lukasz Dobrzanski (1789 - 1878)
  mjr Henryk Hubal Dobrzanski (1897 - 1940)
  Jan de Dobra Dobrzanski, dr. prof., president of the Lwów University
  Adam Stalony-Dobrzański (1904 - 1985)
  Cracow Stalonys'

  Renovation of the church (tserkvia) VIDEO
  Renovation of the church (tserkvia) 2005
  Renovation of the church (tserkvia) 2003
  Joint declaration of Presidents of Poland & Ukraine  on May 21, 1997
       Brief description in English
  President of Poland on Akcja "Wisla" (in Polish)
  Investigation (1946 - 2001)

Maps of Dobra
  The 1852 Cadastral Map
  Interactive Google map
  1946 map of the village
  How to get to Dobra - A map for you
  Topographic map of 1993
  Map of Dobra according to one Czajkowski
  Maps of Dobra hamlets' by Dr Wojciech Krukar of Rymanowa
  Where is Dobra Szlachecka located?

  Literature which mentions Dobra
  One flew over Dobra
  A view of the central part of Dobra
  Cerkwia and San
  San River in Dobra
  View to the west
  Dobra in the Fall
  Dobra in yellow and blue in May
  View of the center of Dobra
  Serene Dobra
  Panoramic view if the interior of the Church
  Church / Tserkvia
  Interior pictures of the church (tserkvia) 2005
  Renovated Church
  New Picture of Church
  Church and Bell Tower
  XVI century Tserkvia, today bell tower
  Dobra in Art
  View from the church
  Last remaining tombstone in the old cemetery
  Neglected new cemetery
  Cultivated land
  Roadside chapel
  Entrance to Dobra
  Roadside chapel on the way to Ulucz
  A road in Dobra
  Priests house
  More photos of the Priests house
  Anna Krowiaks house
  Ms. Chudzikiewicz's house
  An old house in Dobra
  Newer houses in Dobra
  Old school
  School built in 1938
  Theater, another view
  Many photos of the theater
  Fire Department
  Hanging bridge
  The new bridge
  Brook near main road
  A monument built for the priest's daughter
  Photos of Dobra taken Aug. 29th 2014
  Street sign of Dobra:16 KM to Sanok
  Stork on a pile of hay in Dobra
  The road to Hlomcza
Visitors Accounts of Dobra
  Dobra as Ruthenian Apocrypha
  Is Dobra a Lemko village?
  Impressions of tourists visiting Dobra
  Art in Dobra

  Other web sites of interest

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